We at SRSS ENERGY LTD offer most petroleum products such as diesel oil, fuel oil, A1 jet fuel to our business partners across the globe. This is a large market, so we at SRSS try to fulfil the requirements of our clients by using our extensive experience in the trading world.


All communications will be in the form of legal documents. We will begin to work with your company when we receive your first documents. Once we have perused and approved your KYC, we will then respond as procedures require. This allows all correspondence to be well documented at every stage of the inquiry process. This process will follow the international procedures in strict accordance with the requirements of each transaction.

KYC Form

We will not submit to demands of: “POP first and then we will issue ICPO”. We understand that this is an empty deal as the Proof of Product documents will only be issued to the name of the Buyer’s company, reflecting the required product and volumes as requested.

  • EN 590. 10PPM
  • EN 590. 50PPM
  • D2
  • LPG
  • LNG